Apple A Day Family Medicine
1205 SE Professional Mall Blvd
Suite 105
Pullman, WA  99163
(509) 332-2400
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Apple   A   Day
Family    Medicine

Where you see the doctor every time! 

100% Guaranteed!

Dr. Williams and his staff work hard to give you the best healthcare experience possible.  
Good healthcare takes time.

To that end, Dr. Williams spends at least 30 minutes with all new patients and regularly sees patients for at least 25 min per visit in follow up.  It's not uncommon for Dr. Williams to spend an hour with patients.  He tries to cover as many issues as he can in each visit and address your medical concerns in detail.  

 Education is key. 

In addition to helping patients understand their medical conditions, Dr. Williams and his staff also try to educate patients about their health insurance plans - what they cover, what they don't -- and works with patients to reduce their costs without sacrificing care.  Our staff completes referrals and prior authorizations quickly and communicates the results to patients in a timely manner.  No waiting weeks for your referral.  Dr. Williams also helps patients understand their health insurance options and frequently helps patients sign up for a health insurance plan on the exchange (Washington and Idaho) that fits their needs.  

Polite and Professional   

Our staff is polite and professional and works hard to make sure you have as positive an experience as possible.   
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