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Max Williams, M.D. is a board certified family physician with deep ties to the Palouse.  Dr. Williams grandparents came to the Palouse in 1948 and never left.  Dr. Williams mother was born and raised in the Palouse.  

Dr. Williams attended undergrad at the University of Virginia (UVA), founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819.  

Upon graduation from UVA, Dr. Williams enrolled and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (a.k.a. Penn Med), our nation's first medical school, which was established in 1765... eleven years before the Declaration of Independence. 

After graduating from Penn Med, Dr. Williams traveled west to train at UCLA, founded in 1882.  
While at UCLA, Dr. Williams received multiple awards for outstanding patient care including the Vice-Chancellor's Star Award (twice). 

Dr. Williams cares for people of all ages and backgrounds.  He provides care for newborns and children as well as adults and seniors.  He loves sports medicine as well as preventative medicine.  Dr. Williams can do everything you need including including inpatient care.  Dr. Williams admits all patients to Whitman Medical Center in Colfax, WA.  If you are admitted to a different hospital, Dr. Williams will arrange your transfer to Whitman Medical free of charge.  

When not working, Dr. Williams enjoys volunteering at local free clinics, watching college sports and cheering until he's hoarse, coaching pee-wee soccer, and playing ultimate frisbee.  
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