Apple A Day Family Medicine
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Suite 105
Pullman, WA  99163
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Office Hours: 
Monday through Thursday
9AM to 5PM

Apple   A   Day
Family    Medicine

Where you see the doctor every time! 

100% Guaranteed!

Welcome to Apple A Day Family Medicine.  

We care for people of all ages and believe in tailoring medicine to fit your needs.  

If you're tired of long waits to be seen and only a few short minutes with your doctor, you may want to check us out.
Dr. Williams sees patients within 5 minutes of arrival and spends at least 30 minutes with all new patients and often times more.  Most of Dr. Williams' appointments are 30 minutes long.  All wellness exams are 45 minutes long.

If you are tired of long waits to get an appointment to see your doctor, you may want to check us out.    
Dr. Williams has same day appointments and you're always 
guaranteed to see Dr. Williams.

Wondering whether we're in-network? 

Dr. Williams is a preferred provider for: WSU's, U of Idaho's, FEP's, SEL's, City of Pullman's, and City of Moscow's health insurance plans, Washington Workman's comp,  and many more...

He looks pretty young... Is he experienced enough to be a good doctor?  

Dr. Williams is in his thirties and has been a practicing since 2007.  He's trained at some of the best hospitals in the nation and has seen over 10,000 patients.  

Call now to set up your appointment. 

(509) 332-2400

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